It’s your turn to care for your parents and grandparents this time around.

Be instrumental in caring for your elderly loved ones, and help them make long-term, positive lifestyle changes for their mind, body, and soul.

Let your loved ones know how much you care, even when you’re not there.

Longlive gives you the tools to keep an eye on your parents or grandparents, wherever you are in the world, in whatever time zone.

Meet your daily drivers for health and wellness.

Available for FREE to all users

Look after your mental health first. Get access to a wealth of useful resources.

Being a caregiver is no small task. Receive content relevant to your charge’s care and personalised, evidence-based advice for your own well-being.

Become the doctor’s partner in the early detection and prevention of chronic disease.

Let your loved ones enjoy their years happily and in good health. Longlive aids all care providers to work collaboratively to predict and avert chronic illness.

Receive notifications, alerts, and reminders at exactly the right time.

Longlive keeps you up to date through real-time, critical alerts, such as fall detection, long term patterns of non-adherence with medications, etc.

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