Chronic disease at a global scale

1 in 3 adults

worldwide suffer from multiple chronic conditions, accruing disproportionate health and cost burden.

Source: National Library of Medicine

1.5 billion

will be over the age of 65 by 2050 as the population ages at double the rate it did just three years ago.

Source: World Health Organization

$47 trillion

is the projected cumulative loss chronic diseases could wreak on the global economy by the year 2030.

Source: UCSF Institute for Global Sciences

Prevention is the Key to Well-being

At Longlive, we believe in the power of preventive care over reactive solutions. Our innovative approach to healthy aging integrates state-of-the-art sensors with credible medical insights and practical lifestyle guidance. This unique blend delivers expert advice personalised to individual needs.

Our mission is to empower individuals, their loved ones, and caregivers in both community and primary settings. By managing and preventing chronic diseases from the comfort of home, we aim to reduce hospital stays and contribute to the creation of a sustainable healthcare system for future generations. Choose prevention with Longlive for a healthier tomorrow.”

Our 3-Dimensional Solution

Longlive's solution is available to all users for free.


Health-Focused Smartwatch 1

Intuitive and specifically designed with users 50+ years in mind, our free smartwatch monitors 10 vital health data points 24/7. Monitor heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and more.

Available for FREE to all users.


Personalized Coaching App

Our watch pairs up with our free coaching app that provides the necessary tools to help detect, prevent, and manage chronic disease. Everything you need to stay healthy, at the palm of your hands—that’s what Longlive is.

Available for FREE to all users.


Health AI

Our AI acts as a Health Angel to learn from your daily routines to send crucial and relevant notifications to you at just the right time. Moreover, AI models can be used to aid in the early detection and treatment of certain chronic diseases.

Longlive for You

Our solution adapts to your individual needs.

Healthy Agers

For those dedicated to embracing a health-conscious lifestyle and experiencing the full richness of life as they age gracefully.

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For families and loved ones eager to enhance their involvement in the well-being of their older relatives.

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Healthcare Professionals

For community care and healthcare professionals seeking to provide holistic options for their patients’ well-being.

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Longlive participates in the Open London Project

We are excited to share that Longlive has been chosen to participate in the prestigious Open London project, an initiative aimed at addressing socio-economic, health, and environmental challenges to enhance living standards across the city. Open London brings together a diverse community of London residents, large organizations, and innovative SMEs like ours to collaboratively tackle […]

1 month ago
Longlive expands support to caregivers by committing to donate hundreds of smartwatches to non-profit organisations of caregivers in UK

Longlive believes in healthy ageing for all and is proud to announce the donation of hundreds of smartwatches and free access to Longlive holistic wellness application to non-profit organisations that serve caregivers in the UK. This initiative aligns with Longlive’s mission to empower individuals, their loved ones, and caregivers in both community and primary settings, […]

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Exciting Study Site Launch on the Isle of Wight

Longlive is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking study site set to launch on the Isle of Wight, marking a pivotal step towards redefining healthcare in our communities. This initiative aims to showcase the invaluable benefits that Longlive can offer to users, healthcare professionals (HCPs), and healthcare systems, reinforcing our commitment to enhancing lives through innovative […]

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