6 months ago

Exciting Study Site Launch on the Isle of Wight

Longlive is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking study site set to launch on the Isle of Wight, marking a pivotal step towards redefining healthcare in our communities. This initiative aims to showcase the invaluable benefits that Longlive can offer to users, healthcare professionals (HCPs), and healthcare systems, reinforcing our commitment to enhancing lives through innovative solutions.


Purpose of the Study Site:

Demonstrating Value: The study site will serve as a living testament to the tangible value Longlive provides to users, communities, HCPs, and healthcare systems.

Quantifiable Outcomes: Through a meticulously designed mixed-method data collection approach, the project seeks to define quantifiable outcomes. This will enable us to measure the distinct value Longlive contributes to each group involved.


Research Methodology:
The clinical study will employ a quasi-experimental design, utilizing baseline and end-line cross-sectional surveys as pre- and post-tests to evaluate the intervention’s impact on core indicators. The study encompasses a diverse range of measurement areas, including mental and physical health, disease management, overall quality of life, communication with HCPs, consultation quality, population health management, and community equity.


Sampling Strategy and Criteria:
The study will adopt a convenience-based sampling strategy, enrolling 50-100 participants per site across six locations. Inclusion criteria focus on individuals aged 45 and above, owning Android 10+ or iPhone 9+ devices, and embracing a proactive approach to health, age, and lifestyle.


Data Analysis and Results:
Both qualitative and quantitative data will be analyzed under three major themes: physical health, mental health, and disease management. The aim is to showcase the transformative impact of the Longlive intervention across users, communities, HCPs, and healthcare systems.


This study site launch embodies Longlive’s commitment to proactive and personalized healthcare solutions, paving the way for a healthier and more connected future. Stay tuned for updates on the exciting journey to redefine the way we approach health and well-being!