3 months ago

Longlive expands support to caregivers by committing to donate hundreds of smartwatches to non-profit organisations of caregivers in UK

Longlive believes in healthy ageing for all and is proud to announce the donation of hundreds of smartwatches and free access to Longlive holistic wellness application to non-profit organisations that serve caregivers in the UK. This initiative aligns with Longlive’s mission to empower individuals, their loved ones, and caregivers in both community and primary settings, while championing health equity for all.

This initiative was taken after the resounding success of its partnership with Carers Isle of Wight three months ago where 68 caregivers benefited from the innovative watches that track 10 vital health data-points. Their positive feedback and 90% engagement rate highlighted the collaboration’s impact. One of the caregivers mentioned: “I really appreciate this initiative as it’s very easy to forget looking after yourself when you are busy looking after others. The watch and App reminds me to take the time to invest in my own health and wellbeing. I am grateful to your team for the support and encouragement this has given me.”

Longlive’s holistic coaching app provides comprehensive support for chronic disease management, mental health, exercise, nutrition, symptoms-tracking, medications-compliance, support for caregivers, community engagement, prevention and early detection. The smartwatch measures vital health points including heart rate, SpO2, ECG, bloodpressure, HRV, body temperature, sleep quality, step-count, distance and calories burned with a 10-day battery life. Longlive’s smartwatch ensures proactive detection and prevention of health issues, providing peace of mind with just a glance. Longlive aims to develop a product that will enable caregivers to monitor their loved ones remotely as well.

Co-founder of Longlive, Natalia Przybylek commented about the expanded initiative, “Close to 1/3 of caregivers have reported experiencing poor mental health, while nearly 45% admit to being less active in the past 6 months. This concerning trend frequently leads to caregiver burnout, underscoring the urgent need to prioritize their own well-being alongside their caregiving responsibilities. Recognizing the critical importance of supporting both their mental and physical health, it is imperative to offer holistic and easily accessible solution for caregivers. By addressing their needs comprehensively, we can effectively mitigate the risks of burnout and empower caregivers to sustain their invaluable role with resilience and strength.”

Elizabeth Martin, CEO of Carers Isle of Wight supporting unpaid carers of adults across the Island, commented, “Longlive’s donation of watches has had a profound impact on the caregivers we support. This initiative aligns with our mission to work with carers to ensure they receive the right support and information at the right time, enabling carers to carry on looking after their relatives, friends and neighbours. Longlive is filling the gap that we didn’t address. Their technology is helping take care of the caregiver’s health.”

Longlive believes in revolutionising healthcare through innovative technology. The application is available to everyone for free for Android and iPhone users. Application users with high engagement looking for healthier lifestyle changes will be provided free health focused smartwatches.

For information and partnership: info@longliveapp.com