2 years ago

Longlive Enters into R&D Partnership with LSBU to Revolutionise Continuous Monitoring of Blood Glucose & Blood Pressure levels

The project will focus on diabetes & hypertension, the most common diseases associated with ageing; their burden on the healthcare system is stark:

31% of men and 26% of women suffer from hypertension (responsible for half of the heart attacks and strokes suffered)
Hypertension and diabetes combined cost the NHS c.£12bn per year

The scope of this project is the development of algorithms required to enable non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and blood pressure measurement using infrared, PPG and ECG sensors, which are already built into Longlive’s health-focussed smartwatch. Using these sensors, the watch can already monitor heart rate, blood oxygen, ECG, body temperature and ad-hoc blood pressure for certain candidates.

CGM/CBP will meet the unmet and crucial healthcare needs of millions in several ways:

Reduced risks of hypo/hyperglycemia and glycemic variability
Reduced risk of heart attack/stroke
Improved quality of life
Substantial savings to the NHS

The project will be led by Professor Perry Zhao, Head of Bioengineering at London South Bank University (LSBU) and Longlive CEO Hammad Ahmed .

Our ambition is to disseminate 10 million free Longlive health watches in the next five years. This will enable the accumulation of large anonymised data, which will extend existing use-cases through insights into daily, monthly, and yearly blood pressure and glucose rhythms. The endeavour is the first-ever large-scale phenotyping of populations, and drives personalised approaches for the diagnosis and management of disease, as well as new treatment discoveries.