7 months ago

Longlive gets featured by NHS Networks for Revolutionizing Healthy Ageing

Longlive Spotlight: Featured by NHS Networks for Revolutionizing Healthy Ageing

In an exciting development for digital health, Longlive, the trailblazing startup dedicated to healthy ageing, proudly announces its recent feature by the NHS Networks. This recognition underscores Longlive’s impactful strides in transforming the landscape of healthcare for older adults and highlights its commitment to revolutionizing the way we approach ageing and chronic disease management.


Empowering Healthy Ageing:

Longlive has gained prominence for its unique mission – making cutting-edge technology accessible to all older adults, free of charge. The recent feature by NHS Networks shines a spotlight on Longlive’s innovative approach to fostering system-wide improvements in the prevention, detection, and management of chronic health conditions, particularly focusing on prevalent issues like diabetes and hypertension.


Holistic Solutions for Chronic Conditions:

Chronic diseases associated with ageing pose significant challenges not only to individuals but also to healthcare systems. Longlive addresses these challenges through a holistic solution that integrates sensors, credible medical information, and healthy lifestyle content. This comprehensive approach delivers real-time advice to individuals with chronic diseases, empowering them to lead longer and happier lives.


Vision for Health Equity:

At the core of Longlive’s vision is a commitment to health equity, envisioning a future where wearable technology and AI play pivotal roles in creating safer and more joyful environments for our ageing population. Longlive’s base at the Health Foundry London serves as a hub for its ambitious goal of distributing 10 million smartwatches for free to the most deserving and underserved users over the next five years.


Dimensions of Longlive’s Solution:

  • Health-Focused Smart Watch: Monitors 10 health data points, including heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, ECG, fall detection, and more.
  • Personalised Coaching App: Provides expert advice to detect, prevent, and manage chronic diseases.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Learns from user behavior to offer tailored health alerts and reminders.

This comprehensive solution also includes specialist content on mental health, exercise, and nutrition, delivered through easily accessible formats like articles, videos, and podcasts.


Founder and CEO’s Insight:

Hammad Ahmed, Founder and CEO of Longlive, expresses the significance of the feature: “Being featured by NHS Networks is a testament to the impact Longlive aims to make in the healthcare sector. It propels us forward in our mission to support health and social care practitioners and empower individuals to manage chronic conditions effectively.”


Longlive is honoured to be recognized by NHS Networks and remains committed to its vision of reshaping healthcare for healthy ageing. This acknowledgment fuels the startup’s determination to continue innovating and making a lasting impact on the well-being of older adults in the UK and beyond.